Press response to CL Petition

Enormous Support for Us says TRASHorfield

Today, the TRASHorfield group has responded to the Conservative Party data-harvesting exercise that is the Bristol is Not Trash petition.

Diana Scrafton a director of TRASHorfield Ltd said. “We have immense support from our community, local businesses, and people across the city. We have raised over £20,000 in donations from residents and traders, and our raffle tickets are selling like hot cakes.”

The group reiterates its support for a new stadium, but not at the expense of the community that this Sainsbury’s development will demand. The supermarket would bring traffic chaos and more pollution to north Bristol, already at the limits of legality in air quality. The expansion of Southmead hospital and the plans to build nearly 6000 houses on Filton airfield will only exacerbate these problems. The supermarket will damage Gloucester road, with the council’s retail experts having confidently predicted a 19% adverse impact on convenience trade – £7.7Million annually in lost trade and jobs. This would be exacerbated by knock-on effects in supply chains.

Judicial review is a cornerstone of democracy and we cannot understand the purpose of the petition. Is it to say that we should not have the right to call into question the decisions made by public bodies? Is it to say that political pressure can be applied to the judicial process ? or is it to try and bully TRASHorfield campaign to give up ?


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