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TRASHorfield Statement 2 April 2014

TRASHorfield today confirm that we will not be taking our case to the Court of Appeal. It has not been possible in the short time allowed by Judge Hickinbottom to raise the tens of thousands of pounds necessary to test his judgment and so, despite legal opinion that the judgment is flawed it will remain unchallenged. We are no longer appealing the lawfulness of the decision making process however the adverse impacts of the Sainsbury’s development cannot be disputed and are irreversible.

We condemn Charlotte Leslie MP for her self-serving and spiteful campaign against local people bringing a Judicial Review in defence of their community. Neither the Memorial Ground nor the proposed UWE stadium are in her constituency. She has shown total disregard of the concerns of ordinary people and taken every opportunity to misrepresent them.

Stephen Williams, the actual MP for the locality in question, has failed to reflect the genuine and well articulated concerns of so many of his constituents and their ward councillors. This is incomprehensible given his frequently expressed support for the high street, his ministerial responsibilities for advancing Localism and Communities and his Department’s declaration that it “believes that people understand the needs of their area best”.

May we also remind Sainsbury’s of the inscription on the Memorial Ground gates that says ‘THIS GROUND IS A MEMORIAL’. In this centenary year since the start of the Great War the construction of the largest supermarket in North Bristol on a WW1 war memorial is deeply offensive to many. We urge everyone to protest the lack of respect by adding their name to the 38 Degrees petition – either Google ‘Sainsburys War Memorial’ or go to 38 Degrees website here:

No Sainsburys supermarket on bristol war memorial

‘TRASHorfield’, Traders and Residents Against Sainsbury’s Horfield

TRASHorfield Statement 20 March 2014

TRASHorfield are profoundly disappointed that the judgement does not accord with our legal opinion that the council acted unlawfully in granting permission for the supermarket. We will carefully review the details of the judgement before making an announcement regarding any further action in due course.

Importantly, we would like to acknowledge the tremendous support we have received from the local community for this campaign. Our thanks extend to the thousands of you who have campaigned with us, stood by and encouraged us, and shown unwavering solidarity to the campaign. We also thank you all for the very many donations that made it possible to finance and pursue this critical democratic process.

If the present divisive proposal had been quashed by the judge it would have presented an opportunity to look for a more aspirational redevelopment that respected both the wishes of the local community and the exceptional history of the site as well as helping BRFC to achieve a new stadium.

The Memorial Ground was gifted to Bristol for sport in remembrance. It is an officially recognised WW1 War Memorial and warrants a development that will provide a fitting legacy for the city.

Several plans including a school, a velodrome with housing, exist and even an idea for a para-olympic training centre and rehabilitation centre for injured personnel have been put forward by the community for exploration.

We recognise such brave ‘joined up’ proposals will need political will and coordination as well as enormous drive. Surely this is why Bristol has elected a Mayor ?

We can make Bristol a superb modern city. We can all do so much better than another monolithic supermarket.

TRASHorfield Ltd, Traders and Residents Against Sainsbury’s, Horfield

The Judicial Review 12th March 2014
On Thursday members of TRASHorfield Ltd and supporters attended the Judicial Review hearing. It was a long but interesting day which ran overtime in order for the Judge to listen to all the submissions in one hearing. Our barrister fought a tremendous case. We felt he clearly exemplified the ‘unlawful’ issues. Representatives for BCC sought to draw the case into a ‘in the public interest’ argument. We must now await the Judge’s decision to be handed down in one week’s time on Thursday 20 March and take it from there. The TRASHorfield website will be updated with our more detailed account of events asap.

NB! Local Historian’s Campaign to stop Sainsbury’s on WW1 War Memorial

Jamie Carstairs lives close to the Gloucester Rd and is now allied to TRASHorfield. We are supporting him in his new campaign. Jamie was interviewed by Steve Le Fevre at Breakfast on BBC Radio Bristol (link below) on 13 March about his campaign to stop Sainsbury’s desecrating a ‘designated War Memorial’ which is the Memorial Ground. The sports ground itself is the WW1 War memorial – gifted to the city in 1921 in perpetuity for sports use – NOT just the Inscribed Gates as is often suggested.

Please do sign Jamie’s petition at:


To listen to his interview click on:

** http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01s8d3j – Slider time: 1:37:33.


From the directors of TRASHorfield Ltd, and campaigners and supportersURGENT JUDICIAL REVIEW FUNDRAISING APPEAL

It seems all Bristol agrees Bristol Rovers need a new stadium, but why is only BS7 paying?  The imposition of a Goliath supermarket in an out-of town centre, densely residential location contravenes numerous local and national planning policies.

The impact of this supermarket is so severe that TRASHorfield consulted expert planning lawyers on whether the Bristol City Council had acted lawfully.  The advice is clear: they did not.

Judicial review is costly.  TRASHorfield has raised significant sums to reach this stage.  To proceed we now need to look to the wider community to raise further funds.

6,550 of us said ‘NO’ to Sainsbury’s Horfield.  This is the last chance we have to try to save our high street, our health and well being from the impacts of this development.

All contributions however large or small will make a big difference to what we can achieve together.

Use Paypal or debit credit/cards at this link:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Use our bank details to make a BACS transfer.

Account name: TRASH,  Sort Code: 089299  Account Number:  65655568

Judicial Review Fund FAQ here

All funds donated will be forwarded and held on account by our solicitors.  The TRASH Campaign is fully supported by our elected Bishopston Ward Councillors Daniella Radice, (Green Party) and David Willingham (Liberal Democrat Party).

The campaign is not over!


The NHS Public Health consultation is now available for all to read on the Development Control website  (3 months after it was completed and with just 2 weeks left).  Read it here also.

The GVA retail assessment paints a bleak picture of the future for Gloucester Road should this development go ahead.  Completed in July 2012 and made available to the public in November.  Read it here.

Case Officers report for Sainsburys Horfield


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